Country Shelves

Country Shelves

A shelf is a stand-alone piece of furniture or attached to wall, cabinet or headboards. The primary purpose of a shelf is for storage, display or an organizer. Shelf used to be a horizontal plane but in the modernized time, it has evolved into many different designs. Some shelf comes in very unique design like tree-shaped or shaped to form words. There is also an artistic way of putting together several shelves to form a design.

Shelves are made of different materials. The traditional ones are made up of wood like oak or cherry. There are also shelves that came from Asian countries that are made up of bamboo and rattan. These wood shelves are very decorative and versatile. The modern shelves are made up of glass and look really elegant. There are also some shelves that are made up of plastic which comes in vibrant colors and very unique designs. The glass and plastic shelves are preferred for displaying valuable items or those items that are for sale. It is also good for the modern designed houses but the capacity of this kind of shelf is limited because it cannot accommodate very heavy objects. The shelves can also be made up of steel. These are the kind of shelves that is good for heavy duty. Most of the factories used this kind of shelves for storage. Although there are available steel shelves in the market that are designed for homes. The steel shelves are best for storage of heavy things.

The shelves are categorized in different types such as wall shelves, floating shelves, corner shelves and mobile shelves. The wall shelves are the most common kind of shelf wherein the shelf is attached to the wall. The second type is the floating shelves which are attached to the wall but the brackets are hidden. This is the kind of shelves that is space-saving since you can put another piece of furniture below those shelves. Corner shelves are the ones that are place in the corners of the house to accommodate the space that no other furniture would fit in.  The mobile shelf on the other hand is the kind of shelf that is not attached to anything. It serves as stand-alone furniture which can be moved anywhere. One of the examples of mobile shelf is the book shelves found in libraries.

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Shelves are used in homes, offices, business, or stores for the different functions it serves. Shelves are very ideal for storage which will give the convenience of being organized and saving space at the same time. However, most of the modern houses and offices nowadays use the shelves for aesthetic purpose. The designs of the modern shelves are undeniably classy, elegant and unique which most of the time provides beautification for homes and offices. The vibrant colors also add up spice to the surroundings of where these shelves are placed. It has now become a decorative piece of furniture not only for home and offices but for the big business industries as well.